Setting Up My Kanban Board Q2 Author Life Goals | Functional Planning For Self Publishing

What is a kanban board? In today’s video, I show you the set up of my take on a kanban board as well as my bullet journal set up for functional planning as a self published author. Not only am I tackling my author and writing goals, I am also sorting out my life, to get more done, be an organised and healthy human being, with a brand new set of goals for not only Q2, 2021, but my life in general! Let’s get excited!!

Setting Up My KanBan Board For Q2


Q3 Writing Projects & Author Goals [Kanban Board, Project Planning, Bullet Journals, Colour Coding]

Using a Kanban Board and Bullet Journal Set Up For NaNoWriMo Time Management | Preptober 2019

Kanban Board Reset Without Setting 2021 Goals (Q1)

My Kanban Board Setup & 90 Day Plan to Boost Productivity & Time Management in Q2 2020


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