Should You Rapid Release Your Books When Self Publishing? [Real Talk After My Experience]

Should you rapid release your indie books? I am going to give you my experience and opinions on this topic and some of the stats from my self-publishing experience.

Ebook marketing is a tough arena to navigate, especially as an indie author. Today we will talk long term goal setting and the ability to love slow growth in your writing and author career.

This video is a collaboration with @Becca C. Smith Check out her video here


Publishing A Book In 3 Months – Timeline Of All The Steps + Pros & Cons [SELF PUBLISH]

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00:00 Intro

00:30 My Rapid Release Plan

02:34 Reasons Authors Rapid Release Books

05:35 Why I Rapid Released My Books

06:55 Magic Tricks To Get Into The Amazon Algorithm

11:30 The Importance of Book Reviews When Rapid Releasing

12:55 Reasons You May Want to Rapid Release

14:15 Marketing Your Ebooks For Launch

15:55 Advice On How & When To Release

19:24 Should You Rapid Release Or Not?

21:58 Your Questions About Rapid Release

22:15 Would I Rapid Release Again? (What I Learnt)

27:27 Conclusion


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