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Today is the day!! In It Together is officially released and gives you the third instalment in the Brittany and Charli story. I would love this release to be as big as we can possibly make it. And yes, I say WE. I need your help for this book to get its furthest reach.

I’m not about to ask for your help without sweetening the deal. For anyone who hasn’t read the first 2 books in the series, you can download them for FREE today. All I ask is that you hit BUY NOW on In It Together and help push it in the ranks on Amazon kindle books!!

**Offer only available on 25th May 2021**

Thank You Already!
Thank you to everyone who has already supported this series. I whole-heartedly believe this 3rd book wouldn’t exist without you. If you already have a copy of the first 2 books, please share this with your friends who enjoy teen family drama reads. Let’s share this as much as we can. How FUN!


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In A Mirror (Book 1)
She struggles to bond with her cheerleader sister. Can this social outcast prove she’s not the enemy … and save all that’s left of her family?

Anxiety riddled Brittany is setting her sights on popularity. She doesn’t give a crap about her sister’s desire to bond, because landing a boyfriend will fill her empty heart. When a chance encounter with her gorgeous crush sends her sweating, the jittery voice inside her head threatens to derail whatever he found attractive about her. When soaring up the social ladder, insecurities force her blabbermouth into action. Will Brittany reveal her greatest fear to the people she needs to impress the most? That she is a total freakin loser! 

Emotional mess Charli can’t deal with her parents’ divorce. If it wasn’t for the support of her loving boyfriend, she would drown in loneliness. When a party launches her sister into popularity, Charli is desperate to pull her down to earth. But her sister still deems the past pain she caused as unforgivable and shoves her away. With the return of their wayward father, Charli is hell-bent on saving her family, starting with reuniting her parents. Can she mend her tortured relationship with her sister and regain her trust before the emotional damage is irreversible?

 If you love heart-warming and emotionally gripping books with moments to make you laugh out loud, you’ll love this contemporary coming-of-age teen drama.
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In The Haze (Book 2)
A tragedy reunites the sisters, turning their lives upside-down. Can they claw their way out of the darkness before it consumes them?

After months away, Charli returns home. A piece of herself has died, and she yearns to rid the pain. Finding a joint presents a perfect solution. Unable to cope after a tragic accident, Charli masks her demons with drugs. Can she claw her way out of the darkness before her family finds out and disowns her for good?

Brittany has her sister back but is lonelier than ever. The accident snatched away the identity she spent a year building. Unable to recognise herself, how can she face school when her friends view her as an outcast? Even worse, what if it causes her boyfriend to dump her? If Brittany can’t salvage her reputation, will her anxiety cripple her into the nobody she fought so hard to kill?

In The Haze is the gripping sequel to In A Mirror, and will have you emotionally wrecked. Exploring the unity and the heartbreak of sisterhood, friendship, and romance in this contemporary coming-of-age teen drama.
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In It Together (Book 3)
Unforgivable regrets. Unity over isolation. Can two sisters undo the mistakes of the past and finally find happiness?

Studying at university and excluding herself from the social scene, Brittany lacks meaning in her life. Will her struggle to choose a path cause her to surrender to the mental torture in her head?

Globetrotting and casually dating, Charli soaks up life experience. But when the isolation she cocooned herself in causes past trauma to resurface, can she resist the urge to medicate with self-destructive habits?

Desperate to unite, and burying years of hostility, can they remain loyal to their sisterhood? Pledging to fight their inner demons together, can the sisters find peace and their true paths to happiness? 

In It Together is the gripping third instalment in the Brittany & Charli story. In this tear-jerking and hope-filled contemporary romance novel, find the true meaning of sisterhood, love, and loyalty. 

In It Together depicts depression, suicidal thoughts, and self harm. Reader discretion is advised if these themes are personally distressing.
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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me on my author journey. Buying one of my books supports a small independent business. If you can share the series with friends and family, I’d be eternally grateful. I sincerely hope you enjoy the trilogy. As a bonus, if you could leave a review on Amazon it’d greatly help my standing against other books on Amazon. 

I’ll chat with you soon! Right now I’m going to find a nice merlot and a fun Rom-Com and chill out after a couple of years of hard work finally released into the world.

Love you!!

Emily xoxo

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