About Me

Author Emily Bourne writes contemporary fiction, which is mostly young adult fiction. You can stay tuned for the best advice to outline your novel and finish writing it. I specialise in writing romantic scenes and writing tear-jerking scenes. My videos are full of informative tips and some silly humour.

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I’m kinda crazy.  Working full time and also trying to write a book… and actually trying to have a life.  I write young adult contemporary.  It is fun.  Teens have fewer constraints in their lives.  They are experiencing and feeling everything for the first time as adults.  You can follow my blog and on YouTube for my writing journey.  I am honest and optimistic.  I set many goals and have a strong work ethic.  I am also a goofball.

I have wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little kid. I would staple pieces of paper together and create my own little picture books.  I am currently drafting the manuscript for my young adult novel “Brittany & Charli” which  I started when I was in high school.  For the synopsis and updates on the novel please click here.

The first time I was published was in a short story anthology called “Imagine that” when I was ten years old. It was a science-fiction based anthology, and my piece “A New World” was about my dog Sneaky (actual name of my dog at the time) and I were sucked on to another planet and had to work out how to get home. IMG_2361.PNGFeel free to click here and have a little chuckle reading it.

The following year I was published in the anthology “Zapped” which was full of magical short stories. I won’t post that as I was never really proud of it. I think I was just trying to copy Harry Potter which was still a fairly new release at the time. I was also published on an author’s website (I forget his name). He came to my primary school and did a work shop with about 8 selected students. He taught me to write about what I enjoy. At the time I liked playing hockey and computers, so my story was about being sucked into a hockey computer game which I had to win to get back out of.

I live in Canberra, Australia. Our nation’s capital in case you are from another country and have no idea. That’s right, Sydney is not the capital! Canberra is absolutely beautiful. All four seasons shine here. It is laid back and not over populated. You can walk around the city centre on Sunday morning and maybe see five other people. It’s perfection.

Mt Ainslie
Top of Mt Ainslie looking across at Parliament.


My favourite books are a series by Chris Carter. It is the furthest thing from the books I plan on writing. That might be just why I like them, as it gives me a chance to escape and not think about my own stuff, just enjoy the stories. They are a crime series circling around Detective Robert Hunter. He specialises in ultra-violent crimes. What I like about them is the mystery. I love looking for clues and trying to work out whodunnit before Hunter tells us. Obviously if you are still in high school please consider carefully whether or not to pick up these books. If you are interested in who Chris Carter is please click here.

I am a bit of a #knitnerd. Especially in winter! I find sitting in front of the TV a waste of time if I am not doing something else simultaneously. What better way to spend that time than knitting a blanket that is expanding over your legs, keeping you warm whilst being created.


I also have a blue ukulele that I noodle with every now and then. Something about practicing the repetitive cords can keep me at it for a couple of hours.

I played the trumpet for about six or so years through school. I was fairly good at it back then, but now when I pick it up… yeah I need a lot more practice.

Huey the Puggle
My parents’ puggle Huey at Christmas. Look at his tail go!

I love dogs. I love them way more than people. I decided long ago I never want children, but I would happily own five dogs. They have beautiful personalities and can truly love unconditionally.

I had Brody a Maltese Shitzu. He was the love of my life and my best friend. Unfortunately one day I came home from work one day and he wasn’t there. To this day there is still no explanation. A part of me died that day. That was in 2014, and no matter how many years past, I will still never get over it.

My Beautiful Brody
Brody playing with his favourite toy.


My grandmother is a terrific artist and I always encouraged me to paint. I actually find it incredibly relaxing, but I don’t know if I would say I’m that talented at it. Although, it is something I will do on a quiet Sunday afternoon to give myself a sense of calm. When I paint I am completely in the moment and focused.

I adore it.

My sense of adventure is huge. I love the sense of freedom travel gives me and the stories I’m able to bring home. I’ve travelled to around 20 countries now,  and want to keep ticking more of the list. You can also click here to read about my trip to Thailand.  Here’s a few happy snaps from my travels.