About Me

I wanted to be a writer since I was a little kid. At seven-years-old, I would staple pieces of paper together and create picture books. My first young adult novel in “The Brittany & Charli Series” is currently in beta. It’s a concept I created at fourteen-years-old.  For the synopsis and updates on the novel please click here.

The first time I was published was at ten-years-old in a short story anthology called “Imagine That”. It was a science-fiction based anthology, and my piece “A New World” was about my dog Sneaky (actual name of my dog at the time) and I were sucked into another planet and had to work out how to get home. 
Feel free to click here and have a little chuckle reading it.

The following year I was published in the anthology “Zapped” which was full of magical short stories. I won’t post that as I was never really proud of it. I think I was just trying to copy Harry Potter which was still a fairly new release at the time. I was also published on an author’s website (I forget his name). He came to my primary school and did a work shop with about 8 selected students. He taught me to write about what I enjoy. At the time I liked playing hockey and computers, so my story was about being sucked into a hockey computer game which I had to win to get back out of.

Top of Mt Ainslie looking acorss at Parliament.

I live in Canberra, Australia; our nation’s capital. Canberra is breathtaking. We get a great display of all four seasons, and it’s laid back with a ‘country-town’ vibe. You can walk around the city centre on Sunday morning and maybe see five other people. It’s perfection.

My favourite books are in the Detective Robert Hunter series by Chris Carter. Hunter specialises in ultra-violent, serial killer crimes. I enjoy the mystery aspect to them. Looking for clues and trying to work out whodunnit before Hunter does. If you are interested in who Chris Carter is please click here.

First 5 books in the series by Chris Carter

My sense of adventure is huge. I love the freedom of travel and the stories can bring home. I’ve travelled to around 20 countries now,  and want to keep ticking more of the list. You can also click here to read about my trip to Thailand.  Here’s a few happy snaps from my travels.

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Author Bio

Emily Bourne is a laidback Aussie lass, until she becomes too hyperactive on her YouTube channel. Emily vlogs her writing experience and uses the platform to engage with other writers about the daunting process. She also engages readers with juicy tidbits about her beautifully flawed characters and emotional scenes from her novels.

Emily writes gushy romance, heart wrenching character growth, and anxiety driven scenes to make the coolest cat sweat. When she’s not writing, she’s on social media as her alias, Queen Emilicious, or hanging out with IRL friends with too much coffee… or wine… or both.