In A Mirror

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Brittany is tired of being a nobody. After befriending Queen Bee, Chloe, she becomes a cheerleader and attends booze-filled parties. Her twin sister, Charli, was always the one to catch boys eyes, but Brittany won’t be a tomboy to land a boyfriend. She has her eye on cute new guy, Bryce, and things heat up when they are paired together during a biology class.

Charli is devastated after her parents’ divorce and her father leaving town. She uses poetry to explore her mess of emotions, but keeps the words to herself. She pulls overnight study sessions in hopes of impressing her dad and he’ll move back home. The rift with her sister, Brittany, is at an all-time high, but Charli wants to mend fences. She counts on her boyfriend, Travis, to be her rock, but with their friends at odds, being together is proving tougher than ever.

The divide between the sisters brings catastrophe. They must decide whether to settle their differences, or risk never reconciling their bond.