In A Mirror

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There’s more than lies in a reflection… Amid secrets and rumours, follow twins Brittany and Charli Matthews as they fight inner demons, dividing them, in the hell that is high school.

At a party, Brittany gets her first taste of popularity, but when another girl eyes the boy she likes, things take a few wrong turns. Whilst branding herself a loser, Brittany tries to keep her cool and joins the cheer squad and befriends the queen bees. Her obsession with her dream boy intensifies, but as they get closer, he seems to be holding secrets of his own. Brittany must decide whether popularity or the chance at love is what she really wants. But will she ever stop calling herself a loser and be happy in her own skin?

When Charli is at a party, uninvited guests shake up the dynamics with her friends and cause her to doubt the boyfriend she trusted. Attempting to avoid the morons at school, Charli focuses on her studies, hoping to bring her dad home. But she overdoes it and loses who she is. Charli must drop her single-minded approach if she wants to keep her loved ones close. But that means deciding who to trust and who to push away. If Charli puts herself first, will she find where her true happiness lies?

In A Mirror is a dramatic Australian beach read, perfect for all lovers of contemporary young adult fiction. This book is your next guilty pleasure; full of teen angst, gushy romance, and tragic heartbreak.



Praise for IN A MIRROR

“That was AMAZING!!! Seriously! What a ride!! …Beautiful, rich characters and fantastic writing!!” Becca C. Smith, Author of The Riser Saga.

“No joke, I was completely sucked in from the first page… it’s a really fun read. It’s cracking me up, it’s making me think, and it’s so FREAKING RELATABLE! Like, get out of my head. I love the writing style, I love the characters, and I feel like both have been well thought-out and well executed.” Railee Bradshaw, Writer & Youtuber

“I’ll be carrying your characters with me. You know when something reminds you of a character in a book, and you almost have a thought like, ‘I wonder what they’re up to these days?’ as though they’re a friend you haven’t seen in a while.” Moon Petrie, Writer & YouTuber

“Honestly, [In A Mirror] had a shocking number of characters I REALLY appreciated. I think all… were very dynamic and added something to the story that felt like a BONUS on top of what I was expecting.” Kate Cavanaugh, Writer & YouTuber

“I like this limited view point. I believe exactly what Brittany or Charli believe but I already know, from the last chapters, that it’s never that simple! [Emily Bourne is] a complex writer, I love it!” Dahlia Burroughs, Newspeak Press

Likened to Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Mean Girls, The OC

Mature Content & Trigger Warnings; Coarse language, alcohol and drug use, sexual references, sexual assault, mental health issues, bullying and harassment