“Brittany & Charli Book One”

The Brittany & Charli Series by author Emily Bourne is a young adult contemporary series that is the definition of a coming of age story.  The first book introduces twin sisters Brittany & Charlotte Matthews at age fifteen, in year ten at John Thomas High School. They live in the affluent, coastal town of Sanford where everyone has the best of the best. On the other side of the train tracks is West Sanford. West Sanford has no view of the beach, families are working class, and families may never get what they want.

Book One in the series sets up the social hierarchy of high school life for the girls, and both twins navigate it differently.  Brittany is sick of being a nobody and wants to be a somebody. She tries with all her might to befriend Queen Bee, Chloe Benson, even going as far as quitting her long-term ballet career to join Chloe’s dance troupe. Brittany has a crush on the cute new boy, Bryce Kerry, and can’t imagine a world where he would like her back. But she just can’t keep her eyes off him.

Charli is an old soul, who would rather spend time alone than mix with loud and predominantly obnoxious crowds in the mess hall at school. She puts all her effort into keeping a strong relationship with her two best friends Kellie and Reece, but things become tricky when she starts dating Reece’s older cousin Travis Watkins.  Travis is in year twelve and is Mr Popularity. The couple doesn’t mix in the same social circles, but they believe the bond that started the fire of their romance is enough to keep them together.

While the sisters have drifted apart since starting high school, they must work together to navigate the rocky path of their parents’ divorce. As more secrets come out about their parents, the girls must decide to put away their differences or they may never be able to pick up the pieces.