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Page Turner Awards


Emily Bourne will be judging the Ebook Award category of the Page Turner Awards. >> To Event

Emily brings you the details about the Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, and would love for one of you to walk away with one of the main prizes! Publishing contracts, audio-book productions and film rights options are up for grabs for the winners. Visit Page Turner Awards

4TheWords Festival of Reading

June 2020

Emily Bourne’s video is in collaboration with 4thewords as part of the Festival of Reading. >> To Event

Visit to start a daily writing habit, kill monsters, level up your avatar, and have fun!

4thewords October Scavenger Hunt

October 2019

Emily Bourne shows her time management approach this preptober to plan for NaNoWriMo 2019. >> To Event

This video is in collaboration with 4thewords. 4thewords is an online writing platform that takes your writing into the gaming world. Use battles and quests to level up your character and increase your word count. Use the code word in the video to unlock hidden gems and access one month free play time.