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Emily Bourne is an independent author who writes books about self-discovery and finding love. Believing you can’t have a romantic relationship that works until you truly love yourself. She specialises in teen and young adult novels about social issues, layered with romantic suspense. Emily’s books can have you laughing-out-loud, reaching for the tissues, cramping with anxiety, and your heart swelling double-size.

With this in mind, Emily wants to share all the knowledge about story structure and character development she has learnt along the way. (And will continue to learn!) You can come to the website to find all the tips and tricks when it comes to outlining a book and plotting a well-balanced story.

“Motive is key.”

-Emily Bourne

Motive is key is story development. You need a relatable character who wants something. What they want will drive the story, and the conflicts are the internal and external battles they will face along the journey and will hinder the character getting what they want. The ending will show your character triumphant in getting what they want. Or, they will not meet their goal, deciding it wasn’t what they truly needed. Your character will have changed and transformed. This will show the message and moral of your story.

Does this all sound over your head? Or does it excite you to your very core? Either way, Emily Bourne is here to help you create the characters and story your heart has always wanted to tell. Together, you will find the key to the story, the struggles, and the resolution.

Happy writing and discovering what your story is really about!

“Your character will have changed and transformed.”

-Emily Bourne

Learn how to outline a book by following along with author Emily Bourne as she walks you through different plotting methods, using her book Jazz as an example. Emily will show you the character motives, story conflicts, balancing rising and falling action, and how to have a satisfying climactic battle and resolution to the story.

“Let’s get excited about story structure!” -Emily Bourne, YA author

Outlining methods Emily will walk you through:

  • Story Circle Method (Plot Embyro by Dan Harmon)
  • Heart Breathings Plot Your Novel (by Sarra Cannon)
  • The Snowflake Method (by Randy Ingermanson)
  • The Flashlight Method (or Headlight Method)
  • The Skeleton Method
  • Freytag’s Pyramid (by Gustav Freytag)
  • “Save The Cat Writes A Novel” Jessica Brody
  • “Creating Character Arcs” K.M. Weiland
  • “Super Structure” James Scott Bell
  • to be continued…