In A Mirror (In It Together #1)

“A rollercoaster ride of emotions!” Swoon-worthy crushes, evil cheerleaders, shattered sisterhood, high school hell!

Brittany & Charli Matthews are identical twins and polar opposites. Brittany is a cheerleader trying to impress the Queen Bee and date the mysterious new guy. Charli is a studious skatergirl and wary of her boyfriend and the influence of his rowdy friends.

When their parents’ marriage falls apart and their father returns after going AWAL for months, will the twins adapt to their new home life? What happens when their worlds collide at their exclusive private school and beachside mansion parties. When the twins deal with high school bullies and the social hierarchy will they be able to see their similarities run deeper than their reflections and become the sisters they need to be?

Likened to a mash up of FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell and GOSSIP GIRL by Cecily von Ziegesar. If you love gripping emotional reads that can also make you laugh out loud, you’ll love the dramatic and romantic beach read that is IN A MIRROR by Emily Bourne. This book is filled with social issues from teens navigating the world of sex and dating, to understanding mental health and eating disorders, dealing with a high school bully, and overall being a teen and young adult.