Ahoy-hoy Everybody!

My name is Emily Bourne and I am an aspiring indie author of young adult fiction. Now, what does that all mean? 

Firstly, I love YA books. I love writing about teens. They don’t have any of the baggage that goes into adult life, like jobs and bills. They are learning everything that goes into being a grown up for the first time. I find that utterly thrilling to write.

Secondly, what was that about indie publishing? I’ll be honest, the thought of finding an agent, and waiting for a publisher to say yes, and waiting for the release date that might be two or three years away, gives me the creeps. And to be really, really, honest… I’m an impatient control freak! Plus, I’ve always loved the idea of running my own business one day, so why not converge my love of writing with my entrepreneurial drive.

So why Patreon?

Good question! I really wanted to be able to give sneak peeks to fans about the behind-the-scenes of my books. Be that pre-publication or post. Mostly, I want to communicate with fans who have read the book and give them insight into how the scenes came to be (even sharing personal stories from my teens.)

I have a Facebook page, newsletter, and YouTube channel, but it’s hard to gauge how and why people are visiting those sites. With Patreon, I can know that you are a fan because you are willing to support me with your money. 

Ah, it came up… Money. I’m making this really simple. There’s no pyramid like tier system. There’s one tier and it’s only $1 per month. Personally I hate any type of class system, we are equals on my page.

What do you get for your dollar?

I will be sharing my writing journey with you every month in a mix of written and video format. Sometimes this will be slathered with humour, sometimes it will revolve around an extremely tricky scene, sometimes it will be around getting a book ready for its release date! Anything and everything in between!

Check out my Patreon page!

Publishing books for a living is my dream, and I thank you so much for your support. My debut novel, In A Mirror, is set for release in 2019, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

You can find my Patreon page at