Intro to Story Circle | Part Three

Part 3 in story circle tutorials.

Reenergise (#61 of 365)

A poem.


Sale targets over written reviews

Joesph (#24 of 365)

This one seems like the beginning of a children’s book. I think I’ll add to this story throughout the year.

Tired (#10 of 365)

It's puffy under my eyes. My eyes are dry and I want darkness. Let me lie down, covered in heavy blankets. Don't knock on my door or call my phone. My task list runs deep, but the deadlines stretch out. Leave me in quiet and see me tomorrow.

The YA Masterclass

On Thursday 15th June, 2017, I attended the YA Masterclass as part of The Emerging Writers Festival. It was damn exciting. We listened to lectures, interviews, panels and had a 2 hour work shop. One panel discussed finding voice in YA. They spoke about how young adult readers know what they like and they know [...]

Lying in the Foetal Position

A week ago I was lying in the foetal position, chanting “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I had written the first third of my draft and realised there was big leap to the next scenes. My outline had too many gaps moving forward. I can see the whole story laid out in my head, [...]