Finding Your Writing Tribe

The online writing community can be a wonderful place. Full of writers working in the same genre as you. Writers who are the same age as you. Writers who have the same writing routine as you.

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Gasp (#122 of 365)

It was as if someone stamped on her chest. Her heart pounded as her breathing rushed out her lungs. She blinked spots and her hands trembled. She collapsed on the ground and felt she could sink into the cement. Her mind grew dark and closed in on itself. She gasped one last breath and threw [...]

Former Pantser Fixing Scenes in My NaNoWriMo Outline | Preptober Struggles

How to fix a story timeline you have outlined during a brainstorming session.

Winning (#63 of 365)


Intro to Story Circle | Part Three

Part 3 in story circle tutorials.

Reenergise (#61 of 365)

A poem.