Bubble (#54 of 365)

She blows the wand gently and a fragile bubble forms. A perfect sphere leaves the wand and floats in the air. It shines with a pink and green sheen. She blows three more and they glide in different sizes. She watches them fly. Her hand rises and follows. With a quick jab, she pops the [...]

Snap and click (#53 of 365)

Tapping laptop keys is my favourite sound. Creativity and technology combined. Thoughts in my head run down my fingers and light up the LED screen. My fingers wiggle and dance over the keys. The snap and click of keys keeps my pace fast and the story flowing.

That Story Has No Point (#52 of 365)

See my hat, You'd never guess where I got that, You better have sat, Quiet like a cat, As I lay it out flat, Because we need to chat, About my bargain stat, Where I also bought a mat. Don't hit me with a bat, And find me a little brat, As I buzz like [...]