Gloomy Weather Makes Me Happy (Writing & Mood)

Something really weird happened. Ok, so it wasn’t that weird, I just took note of it. One day this week, I got out of bed and walked into my living room and noticed how dark it was for 10am. (Yes, I get up at 10am… sometimes closer to 12pm… what of it?) I opened the [...]

Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed (Dreaded To-Do List)

Ugh! Who else shuddered at the mention of to-do list.

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Title Reveal of My Novel!

Today I discuss my writing progress, where I'm at with my novel, and the novel title reveal.


Planning for Camp NaNoWriMo April 2019

In a ball (#123 of 365)

In a ball (#123 of 365)
You know the feeling.
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Gasp (#122 of 365)

It was as if someone stamped on her chest. Her heart pounded as her breathing rushed out her lungs. She blinked spots and her hands trembled. She collapsed on the ground and felt she could sink into the cement. Her mind grew dark and closed in on itself. She gasped one last breath and threw [...]

Miserable (#121 of 365)

When you go somewhere you don’t really want to be.