Does Every Writer Need A Blog?

Hello everyone. We're talking blogs. Does every writer really need a blog? Let's get under way. Watch On YouTube 1. Short answer: No. If you don't want to write a blog, or have a vlog on YouTube, then don't. Easy done. 2. Working to deadlines Having a set schedule, even if your blog has nothing [...]

The Benefits of Journaling

  I mentioned journaling in my Creating Daily Habits post. Now it's time for the journaling post! Here's five benefits to maintaining a journal. Watch On YouTube You can work out what is bothering you. Write until you reveal your true feelings or something you have been bottling up. It's freeing because it's a conversation but 100% [...]

How to Write a First Draft | Party Time

Woohoo!!!! I finished my first draft! 82,259 words, 38 chapters, 222 pages. Lemme hear another woohoo!!! I still have a ways to go; adding more detail and editing out the bad writing. But I am on the way to completing it. Every step deserves a party. Watch On YouTube To Join The Party Through my experience, I've come [...]

The Writing Rituals Tag

The Writing rituals Tag was created by Kim Chance and Mandi Lynn; two fabulous writer's and YouTuber's.  The tag is a series of questions asking you how you write and what you need to help you write.  I was tagged by fellow writer and YouTuber April Taylor to complete the tag. Watch On YouTube 1. [...]