Waiting On Others [Journey to Practicing Patience]

I am a massive control freak. Patience. What’s that?

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Intro to Story Circle | Part Three

Part 3 in story circle tutorials.

Reenergise (#61 of 365)

A poem.

Shenanigans (#36 of 365)

No one wants to face the aftermath.


Sale targets over written reviews

Joesph (#24 of 365)

This one seems like the beginning of a children’s book. I think I’ll add to this story throughout the year.

Authortube Newbie Tag | Writing Tag

Watch On YouTube! Newbie writer discussing first time published, authotube newbie tag, writing a young adult book that is contemporary fiction. My writing routine to complete a first draft in nanowrimo. And discussing my WIP the Brittany and Charli series. Being that this tag is 100% regarding YouTube, well AuthorTube to be more exact, I [...]

I’m Freaking Out About Publishing

Watch On YouTube I was listening to the radio. The hosts were discussing playing quidditch. The game from the Harry Potter series. Not exactly a topic of conversation I would usually pay attention to. My brain lit a spark and went off on a tangent. People are playing quidditich. A fictional game written by J. [...]