Waiting (#111 of 365)

Excitement is a tingle up the arms. A swirl of the gut. Weakness of the knees. Anticipation grows the body's tenderness. Squirming for an extended period of time. A nervous giggle spluttering out at random times. Sometimes waiting for what you want is better than getting it.

Reenergise (#61 of 365)

A poem.

That Story Has No Point (#52 of 365)

See my hat, You'd never guess where I got that, You better have sat, Quiet like a cat, As I lay it out flat, Because we need to chat, About my bargain stat, Where I also bought a mat. Don't hit me with a bat, And find me a little brat, As I buzz like [...]

Brown Eyes (#25 of 365)

It’s a haiku!

Joesph (#24 of 365)

This one seems like the beginning of a children’s book. I think I’ll add to this story throughout the year.

Candle (#23 of 365)

The room would be dark without it. It flickers with a warm ambiance in a tiny jar. The sandalwood aroma changes moods and creates smiles. It calls out for a good book, sweet tea and a lounge to rest by.