Planning a MIND-BLOWING Plot Twist or Climax for my NANOWRIMO Novel | Preptober Struggles

Planning a plot twist while also dealing with self doubt as a writer.

NANOWRIMO SELF CARE | Eliminating Toxic People in Your Life

Non-Writing Preptober Checlist for NaNoWriMo 2018!

Preptober Triumph! Writing the End of a Story (to fix the beginning… or the middle)

What triumphs in your nanowrimo planning are you celebrating? Here's mine...

PLOT EMBRYO TEMPLATE HOW TO GUIDE (Intro to Story Circle by Emily Bourne **BONUS VIDEO!)

Intro to Story Circle by Emily Bourne **BONUS VIDEO!

Intro to Story Circle | Part One

Dan Harmon's STORY CIRCLE | PART ONE | Plot Embryo | OUTLINING A NOVEL with story structure. LEARN PLOT VS STORY. How to prep for NaNoWriMo using template based on Joseph Campbell Hero's Journey. This video is fill of outlining tips especially for NaNoWriMo prep and NaNoWriMo tips. Learn how to outline a novel like [...]

November & December, 2017 Goals

Ahoy-hoy Guys! It's that time again. Time to reflect on the past 2 months, and to create some new bi-monthly goals. I started bi-monthly goals in May, 2017. Quarterly goals seemed like too much time to stay focused, and monthly seemed like too much pressure. With bi-monthly goals, I have one month to try and [...]