Intro to Story Circle | Part Three

Part 3 in story circle tutorials.


Sale targets over written reviews

Brown Eyes (#25 of 365)

It’s a haiku!

Joesph (#24 of 365)

This one seems like the beginning of a children’s book. I think I’ll add to this story throughout the year.

Candle (#23 of 365)

The room would be dark without it. It flickers with a warm ambiance in a tiny jar. The sandalwood aroma changes moods and creates smiles. It calls out for a good book, sweet tea and a lounge to rest by.

Camp NaNoWriMo Plans [July 2018]

  Nanowrimo prep completed, camp nanowrimo cabin complete, work in progress novel ready to be edited. Now what are my plans for the month of July 2017 Camp Nano? Goal is 60 hours total for July and have a complete and working story for "Brittany & Charli" Book 1! Check the video for full details.