Winter Demands Writing At Night [Night Writing Routine]

Have you noticed the huge discussion about getting up early to accomplish tasks? You should get up at 5am and write 4,000 words. There is a big cult following around morning routines, but where is the love for a night writing routine? Is it because of how much effort it takes to get up at [...]

Waiting On Others [Journey to Practicing Patience]

I am a massive control freak. Patience. What’s that?

Trouble Focusing on One Task at a Time

Is it ok to stop writing to get another task done? For instance, this blog post. Is it ok that I stopped revising act 1 of book 2 in my series to write this post?

In a ball (#123 of 365)

In a ball (#123 of 365)
You know the feeling.
#amwriting #creativewriting

Gasp (#122 of 365)

It was as if someone stamped on her chest. Her heart pounded as her breathing rushed out her lungs. She blinked spots and her hands trembled. She collapsed on the ground and felt she could sink into the cement. Her mind grew dark and closed in on itself. She gasped one last breath and threw [...]

Miserable (#121 of 365)

When you go somewhere you don’t really want to be.

No Reason (#119 of 365)

When you have that strange feeling.

Expected (#117 of 365)

Can we all be a little more daring in life?