Brown Eyes (#25 of 365)

It’s a haiku!

Joesph (#24 of 365)

This one seems like the beginning of a children’s book. I think I’ll add to this story throughout the year.

The YA Masterclass

On Thursday 15th June, 2017, I attended the YA Masterclass as part of The Emerging Writers Festival. It was damn exciting. We listened to lectures, interviews, panels and had a 2 hour work shop. One panel discussed finding voice in YA. They spoke about how young adult readers know what they like and they know [...]

Keep On Keepin’ On

My day job totally got in the way of my productivity this week.  It was bat-shit-crazy. Remember last week when I was all pumped to write my next scene?  Well, that didn't happen until Saturday night. Wednesday is an off night for writing.  I was still having neck and shoulder pain from my fall the [...]

May & June, 2017 Goals

This week I worked on motivation and goal-setting. The first half of the week I felt completely wiped out. I questioned how I was going about all my goals.  What exactly were my goals? I know I want to finish my first draft. That’s priority number one. Next will come editing, sending to beta readers [...]